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Creating a sharing community of masternodes can really cut your costs. It's sometimes too expensive to buy a masternode by yourself, but being part of our clusternode community, you can benefit from the earnings together!
Take a look at our clusternode process.
1. Create an account

Security is our top priority and this is why we always use a two factor authentication. Either by email or by an authenticator application. Two factor authentication is required to login to your account and to withdraw any funds. You will find more about two factor authentication in the settings menu once you have logged in. The authenticator method follows internet security standards to ensure your account is safe.

We use reCAPTCHA on all form inputs throughout our site. This is to prevent robots or computer applications trying to force their way into your account. If any form post that is not human it will be ignored.

An activity log is a must, so you know who is accessing your account. In the activity tab of your settings section you will find a detailed log of all activity of your account. This activity log will contain the IP address, action taken, and the timestamp of the action.

2. Deposit coins

In the Clusternode section you will find coins listed that will contain a deposit address. This address is unique to you and is the address you need to use to add coins to a clusternode.

What is a clusternode? A clusternode is like a shared masternode, only better! With a clusternode you will receive a reward when any one of the masternodes in the clusternode receives a reward.

Clusternodes don’t have seats, that's right, you can deposit as little as 0.1 of a coin and still receive rewards from that clusternode. This is possible using our patent pending Clusternode technology of bringing masternodes online and taking them offline. This also allows you to withdraw your funds at any time.

When you deposit coins into a clusternode, they will show up in your “Balance in queue” for that coin. Once enough coins have been deposited by the community, a new masternode will be added to the clusternode and your funds will be moved to the “Balance in cluster.” Once your coins have been moved to the “Balance in cluster” you will receive a percentage of each reward received by any one of the masternodes in the clusternode.

3. Rewards

After any of the masternodes in the clusternode receives a reward, you will receive a reward as well, this will increase luck and maintains the ROI you are expecting. The reward is based on the percent of ownership of the clusternode.

Example: If you have 500 coins in your clusternode balance and there is a total of 5 masternodes in the clusternode and each masternode has 1000 coins of collateral. You own 500 of the 5000 coins, which is 10% you would receive 10% of the reward from any masternode in the clusternode less our fee.

Our fees start at 1% of any reward you receive. How is this possible? With our patent pending Clusternode Technology we eliminate all manual processes of setting up and tearing down masternodes.

Rewards are paid out in two ways.

  • Reinvest - Each time you receive a reward it goes into the “Balance in queue” and will shifted to the “Balance in cluster” once the next masternode is added to the clusternode.
  • Wallet – Each time you receive a reward it is paid out to a wallet address of your choice.

We payout rewards after 15 confirmations of that transaction. There are no weekly or daily payouts, we payout as soon as the reward is confirmed. All part of the great experience you will have at

4. Withdraws

With our patent pending Clusternode Technology, you can withdraw coins at any time, they are never locked and always available to you just like a wallet, but with rewards.

Masternodes will be torn down in some instances if there are not enough coins in the clusternode queue to cover the withdraw. When this happens a masternode will be torn down and other community members coins will be moved back to the clusternode queuing balance.

We use a last in and first out method of deciding which coins will be used to supply coins for a withdraw. This is based on the chronological order of deposits made to the clusternode. Newer deposits will be moved to the clusternode queue while older deposits are used to fill in the holes, it’s all part of our cutting edge Clusternode Technology.