Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my deposit address for mining coins?

Yes, your deposit address never changes and will accept mined rewards.

Does offer staking rewards?

We do not offer staking rewards at this time.

How many confirmations does a deposit need before it is available in my balance?

It takes 10 confirmations before your coins will show up in your balance.

How are the Clusternode fees determined?

The fees are based on the daily reward at the time of the reward. The daily reward can be found in the statistics section. The fees are an automated algorithm that equates to around $5 per month per Masternode. This is based on the value of the daily return for that coin. The percentages that you see will vary between 1% and 99% according to this algorithm.

If my cluster balance is empty and my queue balance is not, do I still receive a reward?

No, only your balance in the cluster is used when calculating your rewards when a masternode receives a reward.

What if I don’t have enough coins to create a whole masternode?

Clusternodes were created for more than one user to collaborate coins together to make a full masternode. Once enough people have deposited enough coins to create a masternode your balance will move to the cluster balance and begin to recieve rewards. You can still fill the entire node if you’d like.

How long does it take for a clusternode to receive its first reward?

Usually about twice the reward time. The reward time can be found in the statistics section of the coin.